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September 25, 2019

Rustic Senior Portraits: Brooklon

A few weeks back, I had my first senior session with Class of 2020 and let's just say, the bar has been set mighty high! Meet Brooklon, a senior at Sunnyside Christian and just the sweetest soul!!! I had such a... Full Post
Rustic Senior Portraits:  Brooklon

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June 18, 2019

Knights Ferry Senior Portraits: Nicole's official!!! She is a high school graduate!!! A few weeks ago, this gorgeous gal, along with her fellow classmates received their diplomas from Golden Valley High School! Ahhhh, so exciting!!! On my... Full Post
Knights Ferry Senior Portraits:  Nicole

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June 3, 2019

Sunnyside Senior Portraits: John

Between Allan and I, we share 27 nieces and nephews. Being an aunt to these guys is by far, one of my favorite things in life! Especially since moving to Spokane, away from our families, I covet and extra cherish... Full Post
Sunnyside Senior Portraits:  John

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May 22, 2019

Eastern Washington University Senior Portraits: Alyson

It seems like yesterday I was meeting Allison in Sunnyside, Washington for her high school senior portraits and now...she is graduating from COLLEGE!!! This girl is literally walking sunshine, so I was absolutely... Full Post
Eastern Washington University Senior Portraits:  Alyson

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May 14, 2019

Senior Portraits in the Country: Noah

Can you feel it?!? The energy and excitement in the air with graduation just around the corner!!! I have been LOVING the past few months with all the senior sessions and am SO blown away with all the AMAZING... Full Post
Senior Portraits in the Country:  Noah

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May 5, 2019

Senior Portraits: Kinsley

Meet beautiful Kinsley. She is a senior at Chowchilla Union High School, and a soon-to-be-graduate in just a few short weeks! Following graduation, Kinsley plans to attend Fresno State University, and I could not... Full Post
Senior Portraits:  Kinsley

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April 30, 2019

Rustic Senior Portraits: Justin

Happy May friends!!! Anyone else wondering where in the world April went?!? And now (!!!) graduations are just around the corner! I have loved getting to document the amazing Class of 2019, and I am SO excited... Full Post
Rustic Senior Portraits:  Justin

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April 17, 2019

Downtown San Luis Obispo Senior Portraits: Travys Troost

Well this post just makes me feel all sentimental, so hold your horses because its about to get mushy! Travys grew up down the road from my family, so in country terms, we have been neighbors since he was born! I... Full Post
Downtown San Luis Obispo Senior Portraits:  Travys Troost